Respirano Records

RESPIRANO is an international post sound facility that is based in New York City and Rome.

It is an original idea by Luigi Porto, a composer and film sound professional born and raised in Italy.

After working in Rome for many years, getting trained in Cinecittà and growing among the Italian classic Maestros of sound, Luigi moved to New York City in 2011 and started working in American films.

But he kept collaborating with his long time partners, and when the technology was advanced enough to allow to truly work remotely, he started outsourcing tasks, working with a team he had known for decades and avoiding his clients the clog (and the sometimes ridiculous expenses) of facilities in New York State while keeping an extremely high professional quality.


The goal was to focus on arthouse films and auteurs, and give it the care and professionalism it deserves, leaving freedom to true creativity with the highest technical levels for a fraction of the costs.

At RESPIRANO we follow the whole sound process of a film, often from the script stage, giving life to an organic sound project.

We edit the dialogue and create the atmospheres with the most up-to-date technology, but with our classic, artisanal taste.

We provide sound effects and foley for your local and international tracks, and mix the film with precision and care for every medium, meeting all the quality control requirements and network guidelines.

We do theatrical mixes in our DOLBY©-certified mixing room equipped with DOLBY ATMOS©.

By the time we deliver everything, we are part of what we’ve done.

RESPIRANO is not for everyone. RESPIRANO is made by artists, for artists.