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Luigi Porto – Tell Uric (12″ Vinyl, Respirano Records/La Lumaca Dischi)

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12″ 140g vinyl with inner sleeve

“A small masterpiece” (Buscadero)

“Extraordinary work” (Musicmap)

“Oh my, oh my! I’ve never heard anything like this before…it’s abstract, hypnotic, absolutely unique!” (Angelo Badalamenti)

“”An italian genius” (L’IndyGesto)

“”Among best albums of 2021”

– Impatto Sonoro

-Sound36 Magazine

A personal diary that is also a choral work. An arrow facing downward, a gravitational attraction that is social and spiritual at the same time. An electric and visionary sound.

TELL URIC is the ffth album by Luigi Porto, born and raised in Italy and living in New York City, a work that combines an intense and sophisticated “frontier rock” and a striking philosophical concept about class and cast predestination.

It is Porto’s frst album of songs in several years, was conceived and realized during a very long period of time and includes guests from all over the world, from New York (Ray Lustig, Chai Tamayo, Meredith Moore) to Sweden (Nefer Alexandra Linde) and, of course, Italy (Mirko Onofrio, Massimo Palermo and others). It is dedicated to the neighborhood of Washington Heights.

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12″ 140g vinyl with inner sleeve


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