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We finally have a name for the compilation, a release date and a list of artists.


The album’s name is NO NEED TO FEAR, and it will be released in New York City on June 5th, with a private house event at our Respirano Studio in Inwood, in which all the artists from NYC will perform live and we will hopefully have video contributions from the European artists.


After almost 2 years working and tinkering, we are immensely proud of this dream team we put together. It is one of those compilations that has the special flavor of a “scene” and it reminds me of when I was a kid, listening to samplers from American labels like Domino, Drag City, Sub Pop, and my favorite Europeans that were Mute and 4AD.

NO NEED TO FEAR will be available from June 5th on the label’s Bandcamp.

It will include FOUR new singles that will be released this month: HEX by GINTSUGI, SILKEN PAVILLION by MANICBURG, CORRIENTES 2500 by MISOSPOEK and TOODELOO by EYAL MARCOVICI.

The next RESPIRANO NIGHT will be also on Italian TV – we will have a videographer documenting the event.

Here is the tracklist:

Gintsugi – Hex – NEW SINGLE (2023)

Groove Temple – Serotonin, from Groove Temple (2022)

Manicburg – Silken Pavillion – NEW SINGLE (2023)

Marcyline – Rain, from Treegiver (2023)

Paolo Gaudio – Terraforming, from Terraforming (2023)

Al the Coordinator – Jumping Red Spiders, from Raven Waltz

an_outskirt – Hang – Previously unreleased!

Misospoek – Corrientes 2500 – NEW SINGLE (2023)

Remo De Vico – Biscotti, from The Hysterical world of Lucy

Luigi Porto – The Sun, from Tell Uric

Dan Yurkovsky – Middle of the road, from Hoverhill

Eyal Marcovici – Toodeloo -NEW SINGLE (2023)


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