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ULJHAN – THE KNOT – How it worked out, The trailer

Here is the trailer to our little Indian gem, Ashish Pant’s social thriller ULJHAN – THE KNOT. This film is our personal pride as a team, for the entire soundtrack – mean EVERYTHING you hear – was created organically at RESPIRANO.

Luigi Porto curated the sound design and the music together, being involved in the project from the early script stage.

As a sound designer, he was leading the production sound team and worked in constant contact with the amazing sound mixer Pranshul Shukla in Lucknow (while he was in his studio in NY working on the music to Arbëria) and after the last shooting day, he started working on the new score with the director that had returned to his New York home.

The music was recorded at Martin Patrych Memorial Studio in the Bronx, while Marco and his assistants were crafting the complex foley of the film, that involves a fair amount of off-screen narration.

After the premixes have been approved in NY by the director, the film went to our facilities in Rome for the mixage, also under the supervision of the producer Kartikeya Singh. Stefano worked his magic for 4 weeks, in constant communication with Luigi to create a unique blend of sound and music.

After being showcased at Cannes at the script stage, the film got to several festivals including an US premiere at Santa Barbara Film Festival and the Asian premiere at Shanghai International Film Festival.

“Being a composer and sound designer at the same time for a feature film is always a dream” said Luigi “having the necessary amount of time to cover both roles leads to an incomparable organic quality of the film soundtrack experience“.

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